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The Hunt 

The Cheshire Drag Hunt is an amalgamation of Cheshire Bloodhounds Hunt last year, the Cheshire Farmers Drag Hunt & North East Cheshire Drag Hunt over two years ago.

Combined together the hunt has over 75 years existence, it now hunts from Warrington down to Endon and from Tarporley to the peak district including the flat plains of Cheshire.

Every day we hunt we cater for all levels of rider, from the beginner to the experienced and children alike. All jumps optional. We hunt every Saturday with the occasional bye day.

Within The Cheshire Drag Hunt, all the Masters make a point with dealing directly with our farmers and agree before any hunt which route they would prefer.

We then use a runner to lay down the scent on the agreed route, and Des Evans (The Runner) uses his experience to run where the fox would go and therefore gives the field a good day’s hunting.

We Autumn hunt/Hound Exercise in September, then the season begins in October and goes through until March with a good mounted field and many who simply come out on foot to enjoy watching our hounds work on the scent.

Harry Harvey Chairman

Dave Harvey – Master

Karen Hague Deputy Chairperson

Chris-Hague – Master

Tom-Lancaster – Master

Claire Warr – Master

Charles Finney – Master

Julie Finney

Julie Finney – Master

Nigel Haddock

Nigel Haddock – Master

Ronnie Moss – Master


Pam Gregory Hunt Secretary

Pam Gregory Hunt Secretary

Simon Leach - Fence man

Simon Leach – Fence man

Desmond Evans - The Fox

Desmond Evans – The Fox